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Don't wait until cold weather arrives to turn on your heating system, only to find that your furnace won't turn on, there's a leak, or the blower isn't working. When you call Anchor Air Systems to have your furnace serviced, you can expect prompt service and a thorough inspection of your central heating system. We service all types of furnaces, including natural gas, oil, electric and propane.

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How to Conduct Proper Care and Maintenance of Your Furnace

Ideally, your furnace will be inspected and tuned up in the fall months that lead to winter. Generally speaking you should have your furnace inspected at least once a year to prevent most major sources of failure. Our technicians are trained to spot potential problems and offer every available solution to you. In addition to this, a typical inspection or tune-up can include:

  • Cleaning the Combustion Chamber – this is done because a buildup of soot can cause the corrosion of chamber walls
  • Inspecting the Flu Pipe– any damage to this pipe can lead to carbon monoxide leaking in your home. Carbon monoxide is especially dangerous because it is colorless and odorless. Because of this, the gas is often unnoticed until it is too late
  • Oil Filter Replacement – this filter prevents small impurities from clogging the oil-burner nozzle
  • Adjusting Burners & Testing Efficiency– our technicians will set up a combustion analyzer. What we look for during this process is how much gas is escaping into the exhaust flue. This tells us how efficiently your unit is running and what adjustments should be made
  • Inspecting the Burner Flames – burner flames should be blue in color. If the flame is yellow it could mean your burner is not receiving enough oxygen or that there is too much carbon monoxide in the area

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